Wildwood was converted in the 1980’s and required modernising, re-organising, refurbishing and extending. The project was to refurbish the existing chapel and Sunday School, convert the Sunday School loft and replace the existing conservatory with a sun room.

Seamless Sunroom

The conservatory was replaced with a Sun/Garden room extension providing a lounge area leading onto an external terrace and the garden. All accessible from the kitchen.

Design Features:

  • Split Level Design
  • New Kitchen and Dining Area
  • Clean, Open Plan Space

Improved Natural Light

Natural light is healthy, improves wellbeing and opens up the home environment.

  • Sliding doors on the southern façade
  • Roof Light in Sunspace
  • Added value to overall property

Sustainable Features

Not only is the building exemplary in terms of design it is also constructed with sustainability at the heart of the concept. This is a non-exhaustive list of sustainable aspects of this project:

  • Green roof
  • Earthwool Installation
  • Timber & Timber By-Products
  • Very Low Running Costs