“We were very pleased with the process and the outcome. What could have been a frightening and stressful process became an exciting and enjoyable adventure. What would we change? Nothing at all. Happy and proud to show our home to any prospective client.“
Mr & Mrs Aughey & Vallis


West Park is an award-winning designed home that completely refurbished the original property. The initial brief involved an open plan living space suitable from two people up to two large families. ARCO2 created a home that utilises creative solutions to a problematic building.

Reusing features

Wherever possible, the existing elements of the building were maintained and, if necessary, upgraded to modernise the home without losing the current features.

Design Features:

  • Underfloor heating maintained
  • Insulating timber wrap added
  • Original walls kept

Locally sourced

Locally sourced timbers have completely changed the external appearance of the house and local tradesman completed the plumbing, electrics and roofing.

  • Cornish timber used
  • Local tradespeople employed

Sustainable Features

What adds to West Park even more is how low energy it is. ARCO2 have included ingenious solutions such as heat from the ‘sun space’ warming the entire house and a ventilation heat recovery unit providing a humidity controlled living environment.

  • 300-600mm of sheep wool insulation
  • ‘Buffer’ extensions
  • Solar collection space
  • Low energy house