“"Amidst the upheaval of Covid-19, Brexit uncertainties, escalating material costs, and an isolated workforce, ARCO2 and ADDSC emerged as a beacon of resilience. This was my second eco architectural endeavour with them and what a time to do it - but the team defied all odds. Their pragmatic ingenuity not only embraced a tricky plot but also elevated it, providing captivating views to Pentire Head. The innovative design effectively shields against the noise from the neighbouring pub and garden, standing as a testament to their resourcefulness. ARCO2 and ADDSC's unwavering commitment to overcoming obstacles and delivering a superb design shine brightly. Profound appreciation for crafting a masterpiece against all adversities."“
Mrs Train


This project replaces an existing bungalow which was outdated and through intervention alone could not provide the sustainable principles required by the client. Now in its place sits a striking, yet sensitive contemporary design which enhances the neighbours views, whilst also creating greater privacy.


The design and finishes of this property are incredibly unique to the area, with its modern sharp angles and an added softness brought to it through the colourful wild flower roof. Large triple glazed windows occupy much of the open plan space bringing an abundance of natural light throughout the property. A true representation of a future-proof family home.


  • Large Triple Glazed Windows
  • Intricate Triangular design
  • Wild Flower Roof


All of our projects strive for the best standards, we adopt passive house principles with a fabric first approach: super insulation, airtight construction and triple glazing. Turnstones fabric U-Values exceeded the recommended passive house values.


  • Hot Water & Heating via a highly efficient GSHP
  • Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System
  • 100% LED Lighting


With the main living areas located on the first floor to take advantage of the stunning views over Polzeath Beach, the open plan design has a conscious flow which moves seamlessly throughout the space and into the garden area.

  • Open Plan Lounge, Kitchen and Dining Area
  • Flow of Access Between indoor and outdoor Living 
  • Abundance of Natural Light Throughout