Located on the grounds of a listed building known as Withiel House, The Mowhay was previously used as the house stables. Mrs Jarrett converted the dilapidated barn, into her new home and to host visiting guests.

Built for Lifestyle

A home built around your needs and lifestyle is a strong theme in ARCO2’s architecture and is a design focus in this project.

Lifestyle Design Features:

  • Modest Underground Swimming Pool
  • 2 New Guest Bedrooms
  • Courtyard Elevation

Maximising Natural Light

The Mowhay courtyard was designed to collect the southern sun. The final design captures a sense of place and warmth.

Lighting Architecture:

  • Morning eastern light in the breakfast room
  • Comfortable, naturally lit living spaces
  • Midday/evening sun bathes the swimming pool and terrace.

Sustainable Features

The Mowhay far exceeds the existing building regulation requirements through well informed sustainable design.

  • Recycled Newspaper Insulation
  • Flat Roof with Green Sedum Matting
  • Highly Conscious of Neighbouring Properties
  • Very Low Running Costs