“ARCO2 provided the ideal client-contractor/designer relationship. Both parties immediately recognised a common interest and ARCO2s relaxed yet attentive approach facilitated and attention to detail in the finished build that would not otherwise been attainable. In addition, ARCO2 dsiplayed an innate enthusiasm for the project and a practical expertise that is all to rarely found in other architectural practices.“
Chris Mugford of Tamsquite Ltd


Shore House is a 6 bedroom dwelling located in an exclusive coastal location. Its stunning design demonstrates what great collaboration can achieve.


The house is at first glance a traditional vernacular design inspired by the client with detailing quality which is rarely seen in new buildings.


  • Handcrafted plasterwork
  • Bespoke panelling
  • Woodwork and engravings


The site occupying Shores House contained some mature Macrocarpa trees. As these trees are protected it was crucial that this dwelling would not be detrimental to their ongoing existance.

  • Beautiful woodland setting
  • Replacement dwelling had to occupy the same footprint
  • Creates natural privacy from onlooking neighbours

Sustainable Features

Even though this property has the appearance of a traditional build its principles and construction are sustainable.

  • Timber frame with breathable walls
  • Sheep wool insulation
  • Local natural vertical hanging slate