Project Brief
Type: Education
Area (m2):
Budget: Disclosed
The brief for this project was to create a new, sustainable extension to the existing school to accommodate a newly enlarged staff room and a separate class base providing adult education with the wider community and facility for peripatetic music teaching. The resulting building was the first to be developed with non-structural straw bale infill system designed to be built by general builders with only limited knowledge of straw bale construction. Combined with this, the building is used to illustrate other sustainable techniques in terms of traditional cob construction employed to create a curved wall leading to the main entrance. Completed in 2006 with super insulation with straw bales supplemented by Warmcel (recycled newsprint), natural ventilation and extensive use of local materials, with an internal area of over 80 sq m and budget of the mere L108,000.00 this project like many others represents excellent value for money with an uncompromising specification.