Project Brief
Type: Residential / New Build
Area (m2): 180
Budget: Disclosed
Located on an idyllic riverside site in Falmouth, this dwelling was conceived around a need to engage with the river, collect the views, provide privacy to the neighbouring dwelling and incorporate warming south light into the heart of the design. This complex brief united with the need to utilise a large pallet of materials to create the external facades of the dwelling all combined to provide ARCO2 with a design challenge. In order to meet the brief, ARCO2 curated the design around 2 mono pitches. This enabled the dwelling to open up to collect the riverside views and collect south-facing light via high-level windows. An open planned first floor allowed the natural light to percolate through to the ground floor spaces. The total floor area is 180 square metres. A 300mm thick timber frame packed with sheep wool, ground sourced heat pump and heat recovery system all combine to provide a highly sustainable and economical space and water heating system. External finishes consist of locally-sourced cedar cladding, natural granite and lime rendered walls. This pallet of materials all combines to provide interesting and appreciable facades. Overall, the design nestles delicately within the rustic setting.