Low Energy Solar House
Project Brief
Type: Residential / New Build
Area (m2): 200
Budget: L220,000 (self build)
Features: EPC Rating of 103
This house maximises passive and active solar gains via the sunspace and photovoltaic collectors. The corner shaped plot made for an interesting design with the ground floor being different in footprint to the first floor which responds to the garden and orientation. The cantilevered first floor and green roof adds to this dynamic design. The building is super-insulated with sheep wool, the fabric is airtight, breathable and external joinery all triple glazed. When there is no solar gain the house is primarily heated via an Air to Water Source Heat Pump (ASHP) via underfloor heating and secondary heating via a high-efficiency wood burner. The house incorporates a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System. A rainwater harvesting system supplies water to WC’s, washing machine and outside taps. The building is predominantly clad in locally grown timber and locally sourced Trevillett stone.
The house exceeds Passive House U-Values, with an air pressure test to match with consistent comfort levels throughout the year. This house has the highest EPC Rating we know of and is the highest-rated building in Cornwall with a rating of 103. The house requires minimal heating throughout the year. The photovoltaic system generates electricity and provides income via the Feed-in Tariff coupled with the Renewable Heat Incentive for the ASHP and low energy use the building generates more income than the cost of energy it uses.