Grade II Listed Manor House
Project Brief
Type: Listed / Residential
Area (m2):
This manor house was constructed circa 1860 for the Port Elliot estate for Great Western Railways. Its thoroughbred in terms of its fine and well-detailed construction is clear throughout the building from its sound and solid foundations and retaining walls to its intricate and carefully detailed roof structure. ARCO2 carried out an exceptionally sympathetic intervention to this dwelling to bring it back to its former ‘glory’. The inclusion of underfloor heating, a biomass wood burner, underfloor insulation and super-insulation within the roof structure has given this 750 square metre Manor a new lease of life. Running costs to space and water heating have been reduced by over 75%. Working under a tight budget, ARCO2 and an extremely capable and proactive client managed to bring this project in on cost and on time.