“We just wanted to pass on our sincerest thanks for all of your hard work...It has been a remarkably smooth journey and your input throughout has always been creative and positive.“
Justin & Bridget Barton


Highfield is a large 3 storey house set into the hills that overlook the southern end of Daymer Bay and the Camel estuary. It has 3 simple gabled roofs that run front to back, and a series of south facing terraces take in the views and the beautiful landscaped gardens.


The house is cleverly lowered into its sloping site with a large lawn, landscaped garden and tennis courts ready to use. The glass walls provide constant light into the 3 storey high dining room with openings into the hallways and mezzanine, perfect for hosting. There are also panoramic views of the exquisite surrounding countryside.


  • Full height glass walls
  • Tennis courts
  • Beautiful views


A naturally bright house that boasts a series of south facing terraces. The doorless openings encourage natural light to spread throughout the rooms from the sunroofs and large windows.


  • South facing series of sun terraces
  • Large windows draw in an abundance of natural light
  • Flowing space between rooms


A high efficiency wood stove is just the beginning of Highfield’s low energy usage. The highly insulated walls with heat recovery ventilation maintain excellent indoor air quality with very low energy use.

  • Moisture and stale air ventilation
  • High efficiency stove
  • Individually controlled underfloor heating