Project Brief
Type: Replacement Extension & Refurbishment
Area (m2): Extension 82 sq.m GF & Ist floor 107 sq.m & Balcony 12 sq.m
Budget: L390,000
Features: Contemporary curved green roof, glass balcony, corner glazing
The clients approach the planning process: “We knew that getting the right design was fundamental to planning success and ARCO2 took on the challenge. Their brief was for a stunning, timeless and flowing redevelopment of our house and attached cabin. This they have achieved and our expectations have been exceeded.”
The planning journey was exciting. “We wanted an honest and open approach to the planners and equally importantly our neighbours. Ian and I presented our case to the local planning committee and they responded by accepting our offer of a site meeting. Similarly, our neighbours were invited to an open house to see our plans. There were no objections to the development and planning permission was granted.”
?Cost is always a challenge which has been summed up by the clients: “I hate budgeting and yet again it has been proven that budgets are a wishlist of hopeful costings, a large number of which start as unknowns, others are just wrong and some are omitted. We achieved completion having spent our budget but contained the overspend to our contingency fund. The curves are beautiful but at a cost. Each curve was unique and from bespoke walls to plastering round the bend to laminating skirting boards consumed the budget.”
“We remain delighted and have enjoyed every single day of the process. Your brief was for the building to be timeless with an efficient flow – this has been achieved…thanks for a great design.”