“We remain delighted and have enjoyed every single day of the process. Your brief was for the building to be timeless with an efficient flow - this has been achieved…thanks for a great design.“
Mr & Mrs Jeffery


The project concerns the remodelling of the lower two floors, (Great Quoin) and Garden extension (The Cabin) into an amazing, timeless apartment complemented by a stunning redesign of the garden.

Maximising Views and Privacy

This unusual but striking modern design nestles into the centre of Fowey within the Conservation Area, almost unnoticed.

Design Features:

  • A flat segmented roof
  • A sweeping glass and steel first floor balcony
  • Uninterrupted River Views

Marine Inspired Design

Drawing inspiration from the Fowey sail boats, ARCO2 formed a unique and bespoke building that reflects the environment.

Lighting Architecture:

  • Curved ‘sail’ segmented roof
  • Maximised space design
  • Celebrating Fowey’s Maritime Heritage

Sustainable Features

The building is of course designed to the highest standard, as well as being constructed with sustainable materials.

  • Recycled Newspaper Insulation
  • Flat Roof with Green Sedum Matting
  • Highly Conscious of Neighbouring Properties
  • Very Low Running Costs