ARCO2 design healthy buildings that have people at the core of our architecture.

“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.”

– Terry Swearingen

Sustainable Living means living in a well-designed building constructed using sustainable materials and the latest green innovation and technology. Being able to live your life with minimal environmental impact. Living in a sustainable building changes the way you live your life, giving a new outlook on life.


A core part of sustainable architecture is to design an environment that has positive impacts on your health, your comfort and your living in a building that vastly improves your livability. As well as promoting health and well being, sustainable architecture saves money on energy bills and reduces harmful emissions creating a cleaner environment and mental wellbeing.

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your lifestyle, in design

The architecture we design is inspired by your individual lifestyle and needs, allowing us to create truly sustainable and unique architecture for each and every client.

Moreover, Cornwall is one of the leaders in sustainability and innovation. The county is full of talented people who can help you realise a sustainable home and a more enlightened sustainable healthy lifestyle, whilst enjoying all that Cornwall has to offer.

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Examples of Sustainable living

Choosing sustainable architecture and working with ARCO2 to build your home allows you to practice living sustainability on a daily basis. It’s our expertise after all. Elements such as using few non-renewable resources and design and construction methods that cause no visual or physical damage to the surrounding environment:

  1. Minimal heating and hot water costs
  2. Improved comfort levels – these include temperature and relative humidity
  3. Improved air quality – health benefits
  4. Production of own energy
  5. Reduced emissions
  6. Natural lighting
  7. Harvesting rainwater