Arco2 have an award-winning, in-house construction company to deliver your sustainable project.

ADD Sustainable Construction is the sister company of ARCO2 who share the core ethos of building beautiful properties with an environmentally conscious eco-friendly approach.

Clean Construction

ARCO2 are the directors of ADDSC and the two teams work closely together to ensure you experience a close, consistent relationship with the same passionate people from start to finish.

Your bespoke property is built using low-energy, sustainable construction methods.  ADD Sustainable Construction ensures:

  • A relaxed and stress-free service
  • Quality, skilled, local contractors
  • Full conception to completion
  • One point of contact to maintain continuity
  • Building relationships - working with the same team from start to finish

Continuing our sustainable living ethos, we are dedicated to providing high-quality sustainable buildings that ADD value, ADD comfort, ADD lifestyle and ADD wellbeing.

Our aim is to take the stress away of a building project with our friendliness, reliability and sustainable expertise.

ADDSC only work on a select few projects each year. ARCO2 also work with a number of trusted local contracting firms to fulfil all of the other projects. If you are unable to work with ADDSC, ARCO2 will help you select the most appropriate contractor via a tried and tested interview process and working with many contractors of which ARCO2 have built lasting relationships with.

Take a look at our detailed overview:

The Delivery Stage

  • 1. Choosing your Contractor


    The Directors of ARCO2 are also Directors of our sister company ADD Sustainable Construction Ltd. (ADD SC). If you choose to engage ADD SC to construct your project, we need to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and ensure that clients are made aware of this relationship at the outset.
  • 2. Value Engineering


    Occasionally, contractors provide a quote or tender submission higher than your original budget. In most cases, we can work with a contractor to value engineer your project so that it meets your budget, which normally involves changing the specification rather than making significant design amendments. If required, this stage is normally undertaken on an hourly rate basis.
  • 3. Contract Administration


    Once a contractor has been chosen, ARCO2 will help to set up and administer a suitable building contract between you and the chosen contractor. As contract administrator, we act impartially between the two parties.

    This entails making site visits, chairing site meetings, taking and issuing minutes, instructing variations, processing payment certificates, issuing extension of time certificates, issuing certificates of making good defects, certifying practical completion, performing the final inspection and issuing the final certificate. This work stage is normally undertaken as a percentage of the anticipated construction cost or on an hourly rate basis.

    If a client is interested in working with ADD SC, ARCO2 ensure that the tender process/cost negotiations, letting of the construction contract and administration of the contract are undertaken by an independent third party.

    Typically this role would be fulfilled by an experienced building construction professional such as a member of RICS, MICE, MIStructE or RIBA. ADD SC is able to offer full in-house project management, site management and cost control.
  • 4. Construction amendments


    During the construction process there may be times when you would like to make last-minute changes.

    These should generally be avoided as late changes are normally much more costly; however, this does happen from time to time and may require amended drawings, an amended specification and additional site visits. If required, we will undertake amendments on an hourly rate basis.
  • 5. Handover and aftercare


    Once the project is complete, the main contractor will provide you with a comprehensive handover package of information explaining how the building is constructed, how it operates and how it needs to be maintained.

    If you choose ADD SC our in house construction team offer an ongoing maintenance package.

    Once you have settled into your completed project and contractors are a distant memory, we will ask you to provide valuable feedback to help us improve.