Cornish Buildings Group Award for Reflection in Portwrinkle. The judges made the following comments: Designing houses for prominent coastal sites is a considerable challenge, one the Cornish Buildings Group is particularly interested in. Satisfying the needs of clients who naturally want to maximise site utilisation and sea views with the need to ensure that the house does not make an inappropriate or excessive impact on the sensitive landscape is invariably a tricky balance. The judges believed that ARCO2 had achieved this balance very effectively. The house is distinctive without overtly dominating its sensitive setting. The entrance to the house is cleverly handled, ensuring that the breathtaking view out to sea is amplified. The recessing of the large windows, below the over-sailing curved roof, facilitates views, whilst minimising the impact of glare from the windows. The judges noted the interaction of the reverse curves of the house and the declivity in which it sits creates a sophisticated view of the house from the beach.