Trebetherick is a sought after village within the Parish of St Minver located between the ever popular estuary village of Rock, Daymer Bay and the beachside village of Polzeath. ARCO2 have been involved in the area for many years, not just through their architecture but on a very personal note for Director Ian and his family.

The former fuel station and garage in Trebetherick was owned and run by Ian’s grandparents, with his mother growing up in the village and working at the former nursing home behind.  Ian also worked at the surf shop in Polzeath for 10 years whilst studying at college and at the school of architecture.  Ian has a love for the ocean and surfing; the area therefore holds a very special place in his heart.

Interestingly ARCO2 were employed to prepare plans for the redevelopment of the nursing home and successfully gained planning permission for a contemporary, yet sympathetic residential scheme for 12 apartments.  We are hopeful that the client will develop this site in the very near future.

Designed by ARCO2 in Trebetherick Cornwall

Trebetherick is a quiet village that consists of a mix of bungalows, houses on large plots and a large holiday complex. With great access to Rock and Polzeath along lovely coastal paths this area creates the perfect back drop for ARCO2’s unique designs, and that’s why we enjoy working here. We are able to take our architecture to the next level blending our buildings into the natural landscape as if they were created by nature itself.

Over the past two decades a number of the properties located on larger plots have been improved and re-developed. This also included the Local hotel St Moritz which introduced a modernist style of architecture that previously did not exist. Over the past decade more contemporary architecture has been constructed offering a variety of architectural styles and diversity. For ARCO2 this marked a positive step for us in the local area and has allowed us to be more creative for our clients, designing them their true sustainable forever homes.

With planning restrictions and the introduction of the Neighbourhood Plan, the opportunity for new dwellings is limited to primary residences.  This has received mixed reports locally, but is aimed at developing a year-round community and maintaining the amenities that exist, whilst encouraging new businesses to flourish.  Needless to say, that this has elevated the value of the existing housing stock and resulted in many properties being purchased with the intention of replacing with a building of current standards.

Trebetherick Cornwall stunning new build designed by ARCO2 Architects

Highfield (pictured above) was a typical dormer bungalow on a large plot with beautiful views towards the estuary and golf course originating from circa 1930 and having been adapted many times.  The decision was made to replace the dwelling with a larger property better suited to today’s aspirational living, whilst still retaining local distinctiveness with a modern feel.  Maintaining neighbours’ views over the roof was a challenge that as architects we are faced with on most projects in the area.  This was achieved by a triple gable design, keeping the ridge height similar to that of the existing building and providing the opportunity for each gable end to benefit from private panoramic views.   The entrance elevation is single storey whilst from the rear the property is 3 stories benefitting from the sloping nature of the site.  Working with a landscape Architect early on in the process enabled a hard-surfaced tennis court to be discreetly positioned at the bottom of the garden and out of site.

    – The new building is one of the most sustainable buildings in the area with low heat demand.

    – Featuring super insulation using recycled newspapers within a breathable timber frame construction

    – Passive house levels of air tightness to reduce heat loss and draughts

    – Triple glazing to reduce heat loss.

    – Mechanical ventilation heat recovery system (MVHR) to provide filtered fresh air, correct humidity and recover extracted warm air.

Client testimonial: “We just wanted to pass on our sincerest thanks for all of your hard work in designing and then overseeing the build. Being the first (and only!) time we have done something like this you have made all the horror stories one hears seem hard to fathom. It has been a remarkably smooth journey and your input throughout has always been creative and positive.”
Justin & Bridget Barton

New build design in Trebetherick by Arco2 Architects Cornwall

One of the most beautiful areas in Trebetherick is Greenaway.  This current project is one of the rare new builds that pre-dates the Neighbourhood Plan, primary residency policy and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).  The property overlooks Greenaway and has views towards Pentire Point and Stepper Point.  The site is located to the west of the St.Moritz Hotel and was inspired by the modernist architecture of the hotel, but with a contemporary twist.  This area is particularly sensitive, especially given the proximity to the coast path, coves and sea.   As with all of our projects the property features triple glazing and super insulation, however, in this instance it is all externally insulated with under slab insulation.  The property will be heated by underfloor heating via a ground source heat pump which will provide all of the properties’ heating and hot water needs.  Humidity controlled fresh filtered air will be supplied throughout the house and extracted heat recovered via an intelligent ventilation system.  Biodiversity will be enhanced by planting a biodiverse green roof, creating Cornish dry stone hedgerows and planting coast specific species.  We look forward to seeing this project start on site shortly.